avril 3, 2016

Global Events

Retrouvez l’ensemble des événements du réseau SIETAR dans le monde en cliquant sur ce lien: Sietar Global Events

Dear SIETAR board members,

this is a gentle reminder that we invite you to use the SIETAR Global Events Calendar, what is this?

SIETAR Global Events Calendar: the idea of having an events calendar where all SIETAR events worldwide can be found was born after the Tallinn Congress in the SIETAR Global Connect group: we opted for using a google calendar format, you can find a direct link on the SIETAR Europa Webpage in the heading line with a small icon, or access direct here. Just click on an event to get more information.

This calendar is directly updated by each SIETAR organisation worldwide – so don’t forget to check it out and ask your representative in the SIETAR Global Connect group how to add your national events and please forward the information to your communication and group coordinators! If you are not sure who is representing your national SIETAR, please contact barbara.covarrubias@sietar.at.

on behalf of the SIETAR Europa Communication Committee